Established in 2021

Agri Poppe was born through a passion for technology and agriculture.

Bennie has been active in the agricultural world for many years, however, mainly in the beet sector. Over time, it became clear to him that digging up potatoes also showed some difficulties, not only in the sticky Dutch clay, but also on other soils in Europe and abroad. With this in mind, he and his two sons, Robert and Michiel went to see if this could be improved.


A novel invention, with powered disc shares, was later built on a Kverneland for testing. The performance exceeded all expectations and turned out to be a much wanted solution. In the extremely wet season of 2023, five machines were equipped with the system, proving to be the ultimate solution for extreme conditions. To order your set of powered discs for the 2024 season, please give us a call. 


Our mission is to enable potato harvesting in all conceivable circumstances without encountering any significant obstacles.


Our vision is to prevent food decay and increase harvesting efficiency.



Robert Poppe


Robert has over 10 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft and drones. However, his interest in agricultural machines started to increase and for the “hobby” prototypes of potential machines were designed and manufactured. 

Robert has a master degree in Aerospace Engineering at of the Delft University of Technology, and is experienced as head of research & development in the aerospace industry. 

Bennie Poppe


Bennie has lifelong experience in the agricultural industry starting at young age to support on the field.  The feeling for design was developed and fine tuned at Riecam which manufactured potato and sugar beet harvesters.

For the past 25 years, Bennie was production lead of the sugar beet harvesters at Vervaet.  

Michiel Poppe


Michiel has more than 5 years of experience in a wide spectrum of skills. Varying from design, production, and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. These skills are developed in varying industries, although, mainly in the agricultural industry. Michiel started with his own business at young age, and is ready for this new challenge. 

Jos Butijn


Jos is a large motivator for innovation in the agricultural technology and enabled us to develop the AP-LIFT system to what it is today. This by facilitating a workshop, storage, and countless ideas to improve the potato harvesting setup even more. Jos is highly technically skilled, in combination with years of experience growing and harvesting potatoes, which make him an expert in this field of application. Since the first test run, Jos has been the test driver of the machine, providing the valuable feedback to fine tune the machine and AP-LIFT combination to ensure optimal performance in any condition.